Our company effects international transportation by all modes and provides all types of forwarding services
Ciel Trans has customs brokerage license
We guarantee fast and legally irreproachable customs clearance of imported and exported goods.

We have long-term relations with many customs terminals.

Our professionals assist you in preparing documents required for customs clearance as well as foreign trade documents.
Warehouses all over the world
Bonded warehousing in international freight is an integral part of the goods delivery to destination.
It is especially important for multimodal and groupage long distance transportation. The more so for intercontinental transportation.

Ciel Trans offers warehousing at the first range warehouses in many countries of the world, first of all in the main directions of cargo traffic.
Certification and insurance of the shipments
Certification for customs clearance is one of the most demanded services. With a view to saving money and time of our customers we provide full set of services and obtain all the necessary certificates and licenses required for customs purposes.

To guarantee cargo safety and compensate any losses due to cargo damage or loss, we offer service : Transportation of the cargoes with declared value and insurance «against all risks».
For private persons and expatriate employees

Ciel Trans provide a full range of services for the international transportation of personal effects and excess baggage.

Whether you're leaving abroad for a long-term visit, emigrating or possibly coming to live in Russia, Ciel Trans can assist you with your baggage shipping. No matter whether you have a large or small amount of baggage you can trust your luggage shipping to Ciel Trans. We will provide you with cartons and packing materials and deliver them to you, and also collect luggage from you when you are ready to go.

Ciel Trans is the exclusive representative and agent in Russia for World Baggage Network
Ciel Trans Company
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Our new office:
3 k.1 Voljskiy Bulvar, 109518 Moscow, Russia
Phone: +7 (965) 245 5849
Phone/Fax: +7 (499) 753 0597

nadya@cieltrans.ru - key accounts
pavel@cieltrans.ru - rate request, general issues
julia@cieltrans.ru - rate request, general issues

International cargo carriage | Freight forwarding company

How to order a delivery with us – 3 options:

1. Fill in and send the request

Fill in the boxes with your contact details, chose the service you are interested in from the list of services provided by Ciel Trans. And, if you have some time, write some comments on your request.
If you have no time, do not waste it on comments, just send the request as it is and the person responsible for the chosen service will contact your shortly.

2. Contact us by phone +7 (965) 245 5849 or +7 (499) 753 0597

You will get any required information about freight forwarding, transportation of personal effects and luggage, customs clearance, insurance, certification and other services provided by our company. We will also discuss terms and conditions of our cooperation and any other issues.

3. You are welcome to come to our office

We will be glad to see you in our office located in Moscow center in Chistye Prudy. We will not keep you waiting and get down to your questions about terms and conditions of your cargo transportation, about your personal effects and luggage, contracts, documents and others.

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Number 1 operator in the market of transport logistics

Exclusive terms for delivery of personal effects

Full range of customs brokerage services

You cargoes will go though customs fast and without troubles!

Import and export customs clearance
Customs clearance of any complexity

Warehousing services

First class warehouses all over the world at our disposal

Bonded and custody storage
Reloading, sorting and integration

Corresponding documentation

Welcome to Ciel Trans Website!

Ciel Trans Logo

Ciel Trans is an international freight forwarding company. Today we are taking the leading position in the transportation market and we are known as a reliable, highly professional and responsible company.

We deliver cargoes from 6 continents, from over 90 countries, can offer services of over 200 airlines and 350 air and sea ports.

Our specialization is international transportation by air, road, sea. We handle consolidated, oversized, heavy and general cargoes.

We also provide free of charge consulting on customs clearance.

Ciel Trans will help you to arrange uninterrupted deliveries at low expenses, timely and safely!

Our Customers Choose Us Because Of:

We treat every shipment carefully and responsibly as each cargo is unique! It is not possible to put delivery and customs clearance on a conveyor in the Russian reality. This way of services may be easier for forwarders but is not convenient to customers! Those who have experience with huge international Forwarders have the best understanding of what we mean.

You can reach us by mobile phone any time. Besides, all our employees have a remote connection to our system to react promptly to urgent issues in the evenings, at weekends or on holidays.

In the Forwarding Business speed is equal to quality. We appreciate your time and do not waste it. The dynamic and efficient request handling and cargo delivery allow us to reduce the period of time between request and delivery to the final consignee.

Orientation To Customers
Every single customer is important to us. We are ready to adjust our work to your requirements. We will answer your questions carefully and in detail and we will provide you with any information on your shipment status.

Optimum correlation between prices and quality of services
Because of our many years of experience in the international freight forwarding business we have established stable relations with our partners and optimized logistics solutions. There are no transport problems which we could not solve promptly.

All the above allows us to offer to our customers delivery of any types of shipments at low prices.

The main fields of our activity are international transportation between EC and CIS, between China and CIS, between countries of Eastern and Western Europe, between CIS and USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and many other countries. We always improve our possibilities, elaborate new schemes and routes, establish partnership relations with counter-agents and other forwarders. As a result we optimize transit time and costs for any shipments, which our customers especially appreciate.

Ciel Trans arranges overseas deliveries of full and partial load shipments, oversized and heavy, and general and dangerous cargoes.


We offer high-quality and advanced services of the following international deliveries between 6 continents and over 90 countries of the world:

and we also provide a range of forwarding services.

Our company is an exclusive representative and agent of the International network for cargo transportation Global Logistics Family and network for baggage and personal effects transportation World Baggage Network. Ciel Trans is registered with the international forwarders registry.

We provide services for the delivery of personal effects as well as excessive and non-accompanied luggage at the tariffs much lower than those in the market and lower than those charged by the airlines form the passengers.

Cargo carriage between the countries

International transportation demands not only technical skills but also profound knowledge in the field of international regulations. International shipment arrangement could be quite difficult for someone not involved in this business and even might bring a number of problems.

International transportation of full load, groupage and general shipments is our main specialization. Based on many years of experience, wide business relations and state of the art technologies we guarantee to our customers:
- cargo safety,
- timely delivery,
- cargo tracking,
- low rates,
- customs clearance
- high-quality service.

Do you wish to get your shipment within the shortest time and at the lowest rates? Contact the highly-qualified professionals in the market of logistics and transport services: Ciel Trans.


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